Images from Annual Conference, 060610

Images from Annual Conference, 060610

Dr. Arthur McClanahan, Communications Director

Watching the stage at Annual Conference

Bishops Trimble, Kulah and Job

Processing in for the Ordering of MInistry service

Moments of Prayer

checking out today's agenda

Bishop Julius C. Trimble

Marvin Arnpriester read scripture

Bishop Rueben Job

Bishop Arthur Kulah, Nigeria

Mrs. Job

Bishop Trimble presented Miranda with a certificate of appreciation

Scott HIbben and the Bishop

Texting on Cell phones to donate $10 to NBN

Miranda from Cedar Falls talks to the Bishop about money she raised for Nothing but Nets

Episcopal Address, Bishop Julius C. Trimble

Episcopal Address Conversation

Sarah Stevens, Field Outreach Minister responds to the Bishop's questions

Anne Lippincott, Dean of the Cabinet, answers the Bishop's questions

Bishop Rueben Job

Garrett Evangelical Representatives

Ken Sloane, Re-Think Church UMCOM

Ken Sloane, United Methodist Communications

Having fun during the Pages skit

Ted Lyddon Hatten, Conference Artist

Maria Wiblin won the honorary Page for a year award

Steve Braudt, Pages Director