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Deportation Up in Iowa

Since President Trump’s election, deportation and arrests have increased significantly.  In a region that includes Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and that Dakotas, immigration arrests are up 67 percent and deportations 55 percent.  From 2013 to 2016, during Obama’s administration, arrests were decreasing.  Trump’s 2017 actions have brought levels back to the 2013 numbers.  This naturally is causing a lot of apprehension, fear, and uncertainty among the immigrant population.  During his campaign, prior to his election, Donald Trump made immigration reform a major emphasis for his campaign.  Now that he is president, Trump says they are simply enforcing the laws.  This enforcement does not just focus on immigrants with a prior criminal record, but also on those with no criminal record.  According to Iowa immigrant advocacy groups, 64 families have reported deportation, detention or surveillance by federal agents.  The targets have lived in Iowa from six months to 15 years.

                                                            (Adapted from the Waterloo Courier, Feb. 20, 2018) 

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