Information Referral

Instructions for Putting Together an Information Response Kit

  1. Print IMPORTANT INFORMATION SHEET IN ORANGE or other neon color
  2. Put together a Resource Sheet for your town/county. Some things you might want on it are: food pantries, where to get utility assistance, hotline numbers (abuse, alcohol, suicide), etc
  3. If you can use different colors of paper it will help a person stressed by disaster find the paper he/she needs by remembering a color of paper
  4. Place all sheets in a gallon and half ziplock baggie so they can also keep all receipts together
  5. If you are able when taking this packet around have some water or snack to offer the family, this may open up an opportunity for sharing and ways you can further help
  6. This is also a time when you could get some basic information for yourselves and the community by being able to fill out the General Recovery Information Sheet  this will help in our Conference Disaster Response efforts and your local Community Organizations Active In Disaster (COAD)/ Long Term Recovery (LTR) committee.
  7. Leave contact information for organization working with in packet.

Reponse Kit Resources:

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Important Info
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Response/Recovery Info Sheet
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