The 42nd Annual Mission Ingathering
will be held on Saturday, November 6, 2021

The Purpose of Mission Ingathering is to show the love of Christ to the world’s people by ministering to their needs

The 42nd Annual Mission Ingathering will be held on Saturday, November 6, 2021. Our purpose is to show the love of Christ to the world’s people by ministering to their needs. Our times have changed. The methods and means may change. The work of being in mission continues.
              Ingathering 2020 brought many changes, and some of those are continuing. Our partnership with Midwest Mission Distribution Center grows stronger and stronger. Be sure to check out their website and/or Facebook page. In 2020, they distributed $10.8 million worth of supplies, up from $3.5 million in 2019 – and their number of volunteers/ because of Covid was 70% less! Wow!! That the Holy Spirit is at work, for sure.
              Basic info, sent in a trifold earlier this year, as well as this info is posted on the conference website. You will want to refer to it. Please use only 2021 information. This communique has the specifics for packing kits, completing your remittance form, and delivery and schedule info for the actual Ingathering day, Saturday, November 6, 2021.


DOUBLE CHECK YOUR KITS – all of them, even if you’re positive they’re right. Be sure each kit has ONLY items requested, and has ALL items requested, in the sizes requested. It’s a great idea to check the videos for assembly instructions on the Midwest Mission Distribution Center webpage, the Midwest Mission Kits tab. Yes, the kits all need to be identical. Don’t improvise.

BLESSINGS – MMDC wants to send blessings with the kits. A prayer card template is included with this mailing, and also on the website,  Ask individuals in your congregation to sign, and place one in each and every kit. Ask your pastor to bless all the kits during worship after they are assembled.

KIT-SPECIFIC REMINDERS - no handprints, footprints, paw prints or camouflage on fabrics, new fabric only.
Student kit – 1-handle bag, (pattern on MMDC web page) or use a clean regular plastic grocery bag, tied shut. No Ziplocs. Pencil sharpeners - $.50 each size, preferred over the 6/$1 ones. Student scissors may have slight point or be round. Metric and inches on flat ruler. 12 sharpened colored pencils. 6 regular unsharpened lead pencils – no advertising. Be careful of prints on pencils (prefer solid color).

Personal dignity kits – note the size of shampoo and deodorant. Yes, there are NO band aids, combs, nail files, clippers or toothpaste. These items to be purchased in bulk with the $2 you send in addition to $2 shipping.

Layettes - diaper pattern is on website. You may also purchase cloth diapers. Sweaters and gowns should be 0-6m size, no larger, with no ties or buttons. 4 diaper pins inside and 2 more used to fasten kit. Please send $2 for diaper cream, in addition to $2 shipping. This is different from layettes in the past. Specifics are on the brochure/website.

Feminine hygiene kits – This newer kit is greatly appreciated overseas. Pads are NOT the disposable kind we use in US.  Pattern is on MMDC website; instructions are very specific. Ask your rep if you have questions. Items go in 1-handle bag.

Note: MMDC kits may be different than in the past, and may change for 2022 – clients have input and changes are made each December. We are asking for MMDC kits only, not UMCOR. Use the list on This list was correct as of 02/01/21. Disregard all old lists from prior years. Throw old books away, please.

              How big? Can 1 person lift and carry the filled box? That’s the right size. Paper boxes, or apple boxes are great. Paper towel boxes, not so good (too thin and too big). Tape the bottom securely; fill each box with the same kind of kit, packing in as tightly as possible. Close the top. Tape closed. On the outside, tape a paper or write in marker this info:

              Name of church and town                          Sample →          Grace UMC, Sioux City
              Church number                                                                     xxxxxxxxxxxx your church office has this.                   
              Number and kind of kits                                                        15 personal dignity kits                                 

What if I have a mixed assortment of kits that will fill one box?
              You may combine kits to keep boxes tight. List on the outside the number and kind of EACH that’s inside.

What if I have extra kit items, (27 pencils, 10 rulers, etc.) and don’t want to carry them over?
              Make a loose items box. Write out an inventory – what and how many – and do NOT enclose list in the box.
Tape your box closed and label with church name, town and write loose items. At check in, someone from the site team will calculate the value of all the items from a list we have, and add that value to your in-kind total. Keep this box separate at check-in so it can be processed. Don’t tally box F or the total on remittance form until this is done onsite.  

I see other items that Midwest Mission accepts listed on their website (treadle sewing machines, etc.) Can I bring them?
              ONLY if you’ve let your site coordinator know in advance. Call or email. There may not be room in the trailer.

                                                               ON NOVEMBER 6, 8AM – 10AM
You may drop off at the site of your choice. Sites are not by districts; go where it’s convenient.  ALL boxes will go directly into the trucks; no repacking. Be sure every box is taped closed, top and bottom, when you leave home.

Cedar Falls site – First UMC, 718 Clay St.
Coordinator - Jan Benson,, 319-269-2211

Cherokee site – St Paul’s UMC, 531 W Main St.
Coordinator - Sally Wilkie,, 712-437-2519

Greenfield site –Greenfield UMC, 108 SW 5th St.
Coordinator - Marilyn Schirman,, 515-490-9688

Mount Pleasant site – First UMC, 309 N. Main
Coordinator - Judy Brotherton,, 563-264-5372

Webster City site – Asbury UMC, 921 Des Moines St. 
Coordinator - Tami Hejlik,,  515-571-7858  

              You’ll drive up to the site, and can remain in your vehicle. At the check-in point, you’ll be asked for your remittance form and loose items list, and one check made to Mission Ingathering for shipping ($2/kit), plus any kit supplemental (diaper cream, toothpaste, etc.), and all cash gifts to agencies listed and/or MMDC. (Box A)
              The remittance form must include a phone # and email of the person who can answer questions about your boxes that Saturday, not the church info. The check-in team will verify info, calculate values of those loose items, calculate/recheck totals, and initial your copy of the remittance form before you leave.
              Please bring your own duplicate copy so you can make corrections for your records.
              You will be directed how and where to unload your boxes. There likely will be help. Once you’ve turned in your paperwork and check, and your vehicle is unloaded, you are finished. Your site coordinator can tell you about any additional activities planned (worship, coffee, rolls, etc.). Covid is making it difficult to firm-up those plans right now.

Click here for the fillable 2021 remittance form. Please use ONLY the 2021 form. (Values on older forms are incorrect.) Click here to see a sample form, with arrows and notes to help you. Please complete, bring original to leave, and a hard copy we’ll initial at check-in for your records. Coordinators, treasurers, and district reps can answer your questions. Just ask.

The purpose of Mission Ingathering - to show the love of Christ to the world’s people by ministering to their needs. Times have changed. Methods and means may change. The work of being in mission continues. God bless you all!
                                                                                                                           Your IAUMC Ingathering Team.


Please use the links below for pertinent information:


Cedar Falls Site
Coordinator:  Jan Benson, 319-269-2211,
Treasurer:  Bonita Davis, 704 Pine Drive SW, Independence, IA
Cherokee Site
Coordinator:  Sally Wilkie, 712-437-2519,
Treasurer: Pam Mitchell, 3412 South Nicollet, Sioux City, IA
Greenfield Site
Coordinator:  Marilyn Schirman, 515-490-9688,
Treasurer:  Marilyn Jensen, 2706 Fallow Avenue, Fontanelle, IA
Mount Pleasant Site
Coordinator:  Judy Brotherton, 563-264-5372,
Treasurer:  Lucas VanTol, 1450 Westview Drive, Iowa City, IA
Webster City Site
Coordinator:  Tami Hejlik, 515-571-7858,
Treasurer: Tami Hejlik, 2485 Virginia Parkway, Webster City, IA

Mary & Harvey Davis 
1471 Bryantsburg Blvd 
Hazleton, IA 50641 
cell 319-440-2990