Discipleship Ministries

Local Church Officer Job Descriptions - Positions Required in All Congregations

Every congregation must make provision for including these functions according to The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, ¶244, ¶249. Positions may be combined except for the financial functions. "The positions of treasurer and financial secretary should not be combined and held by one person, and the persons holding these positions should not be immediate family members (¶258.4)."

Lewis Center for Church Leadership

Right Questions for Church Leaders

Leaders do not need answers.
Leaders must have the right questions. 

These two sentences introduce “The Right Question,” one of the most popular features in each issue of Leading Ideas, the Lewis Center’s online newsletter. This column grew out of Director Lovett H. Weems’s realization years ago that leaders spend far too much time trying to figure out the “right answers” to a range of issues facing congregational life while that time would be more profitably used in discerning a few key questions that can change the direction of a church. 

In response to requests for a collection of questions used in “The Right Questions” column over the years, we have organized selected ones by topic and offer them in four volumes.