Missional Priorities Workshops

To further develop a Ministry Action Plan (MAP) based on those missional priorities, Riverview Park District will be holding individual congregational workshops  for the pastor, SPRC members and Ad Board members. Before that meeting, we ask that meet with your board and SPPRC and review the 3-5 missional expectations that was included in the letter we sent to you. You may also find it helpful to gather documents such as the church’s Congregation Assessment Tool, Healthy Church Initiative Consultation Report, Mission & Vision and previous goals from your Mission and Ministry Plan. We would like you to start brainstorming specific action steps that would be connected to each of the missional expectations. If you do not get totally finished that is okay as we will help you flesh those goals out in the workshop to form a MAP (Ministry Action Plan).

Here are some guiding questions we want you to work on prior to the workshop:
• Mission: What is our purpose or goal?
• Vision: Where is God leading us?
• Values: What is too important to compromise?
• Context: Where are we now … really?
• Strategies: How will we get there?
What are 3-5 missional priorities that the church will implement to fulfill the mission of the church in next 3-5 years?

This MAP will develop the strategies and goals that will be a guide for ministry in your congregation this next year.

September & October Missional Priorities Workshop Schedule