NE District Conference Information

The Northeast District Conference was held virtually via ZOOM - Sunday, May 3, 2020 - 2:00 PM

2020 District Conference Message from Bishop Laurie

Northeast District Conference Documents



  • The Northeast District Conference Packet  is in the process of being UPDATED  - (Full packet excluding the InMission Together spreadsheet or click below for each "single" page/report below)
  • Clergy Milestones (Appointment Changes Released by Bishop Haller & the Cabinet as of 4/29/2020)
  • 100% District Askings & Apportionments Paid
    • The following churches were inadvertently left off of the list and we want to make sure that we recognize each of them for paying their Apportionments and their District Askings in full.
      • Living Faith Parish (Morona) UMC - District Askings
      •  Toledo, Christ UMC - Apportionments & District Askings
      • Decorah, First UMC - District Askings
      • Cedar Falls, First UMC - District Askings
      • Waukon, St. Paul's UMC - Apportionments
  • Nominations Committee Report