Health-full Minute

The next Wondrhealth Class (formally Naturally Slim)

The next Wondrhealth Class (formally Naturally Slim)

Announcing an opportunity to participate in WondrHealth (formally Natura)(y Slim), a health-full eating/activity and behavioral skills program for improving well-being and weight. This all-digital health-fullness program is being offered to our clergy and their spouses who are currently participating in our health plan.  With the Wondrhealth program, you have the opportunity to learn how to lose weight and improve your health while eating your favorite foods—at NO FINANCIAL COST. We are ...

Health-Full Minute: Well-Being Programs for our Ministry Personnel

Health-Full Minute: Well-Being Programs for our Ministry Personnel

Written by Kae Tritle, RN, Conference Wellness Coordinator As we move into a new conference year, I would like to high-light our Well-Being programs that are available to our clergy, spouses, and conference employees.  Virgin Pulse Activity Program  Virgin Pulse is available to conference employees, all clergy and their spouses. It is a web-based activity program that helps you earn rewards for enhancing your fitness and overall wellness through the digital tracking of physical activities, ...

Move your body into Spring

Move your body into Spring

Submitted by Kae Tritle, RN Well-Being Coordinator   Now that warmer weather has arrived, we all have the itch to get outside and become active. We want to shake off the winter blahs, enjoy the sunshine and get our bodies in shape. Most people believe that being in shape and fit is someone who is thin and athletic and can run for miles and miles. What fitness really means is your heart, lungs, and muscles have the ability to function effectively and efficiently. God designed our bodies to be ...

A year of transition

A year of transition

Submitted by: Kae Tritle, RN Wellness Coordinator   This has been a marathon year of coping with the effects of Covid-19. Unfortunately, we are not through. Like all marathons, the last third of the race feels the longest.  The same is true now for the pandemic.     While it seems that we have been in a holding pattern, waiting for life to resume, we have really been in a society-altering transition.  Life will not go back to what it was before Covid-19. Zoom gatherings are here to stay.  The ...

Self-care—patience and perseverance

Self-care—patience and perseverance

By Kae Tritle, RN Wellness Coordinator The page on the calendar may have flipped to a different year, but much of what we are coping with hasn’t changed.  Covid-19 is still here with all of the social, economic, health, and psychological impacts. We are still social distancing, working, schooling, and worshipping from home. We are still taking health precautions and waiting our turn for the vaccine. Many persons are still waiting for the economy to recover and to have consistent income. Life is...

Resilience—riding the storms of life

Resilience—riding the storms of life

Kae Tritle, RN—Wellness Coordinator   Life’s storms are still with us and all around us. We are still recovering from natural disasters: hurricanes, wildfires, floods, and the derecho. We are still coping with the implications of COVID-19—continued social distancing, use of technology for virtual school, work meetings, worship, and maintenance of family/friend contacts, health precautions, employment issues, and financial impacts. We are so weary of all of the changes, precautions, and how to do...

UM Global AIDS Committee Set to Host Free Webinar Series

UM Global AIDS Committee Set to Host Free Webinar Series

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 26, 2020 NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Today, the United Methodist Global AIDS Committee has announced plans to host a series of educational webinars that will be made available at and archived on their website. The webinar series will be held during the following months: October 2020, November 2020, February 2021, April 2021 and June 2021. These webinars will serve to educate, support and advocate for those affected by HIV/AIDS. The webinars will...

The storms of life

The storms of life

By Kae Tritle, RN Well-being Coordinator   In the past few months and particularly this past week, we have been pounded by several storms; literally, emotionally, physically, relationally, and spiritually. Our lives and our emotions have been pummeled with several issues; mostly related to the impact of the COVID-19 virus including jobs, health, schools for our children, loss of in-person connections, loss of spiritual connections, financial effects, community diversity issues, and now the brunt...



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