Just Resolution

Just Resolution announced

A Just Resolution has been achieved in the complaint against the Rev. Dr. Larry Sonner.  It was announced by Bishop Julius C. Trimble in a Pastoral Letter on January 29, 2015.  “This Just Resolution,” he said, “is an attempt to honor our disciplinary process, maintain accountability, and seek a deeper, more prayerful, listening to each other and, most of all, to God.”   A formal complaint was filed by the Appointive Cabinet - the Superintendents of the Iowa Conference - after Dr. Sonner ...

Text of the Just Resolution

A just resolution in the matter of a formal complaint filed against Rev. Dr. Larry Sonner.   Iowa Conference of the United Methodist Church January 28, 2015   As Conference Superintendents, we are an extension of the Office of the Bishop.  With humility, we affirm the General Rules of Order and the Discipline of The United Methodist Church, and our responsibility to faithfully work with Dr. Sonner and Bishop Trimble for a just resolution in this matter.    The Appointive Cabinet willingly ...