Living Grace Matters

April 16, 2015


Living Grace Matters is a project launching next month called Living Grace showcasing young UM videographers.  Sponsored by the AFTE scholars program, Greg Jones , Laceye Warner , Bishop Scott Jones and others , this is a video competition for young adults, 18 – 30, inviting them to tell stories of journey, community, and reconciliation in 3-minute videos.   

Why Living Grace?

The full website launches May 18, and a temporary landing page featuring this video which explains the program is live now.  


We want to unleash the creative potential of younger adults and curate visual stories of God’s ongoing work in the world through their eyes. 

Winners in each category will win $3,000 with ongoing awards/recognition through the submission period of May 18 - September 1.  

Click here to see the Why Living Grace video 

These videos can be shared widely through online platforms and integrated into Bible studies, online curriculums, used as illustrations for sermons…the potential is limitless.

We imagine the videos lift up thriving new ministries, catalytic events, inspiring lives, missions trips, neighborhood transformation, personal healing, enduring hardship and much more.

Can you imagine if Facebook feeds were overflowing with personal stories of hope in Christ?

We need your help in your conference to make this project to share the invitation. Currently, our specific needs are:

Videographers: Recruiting videographers to create our “foundational videos” that can be submitted by June 1 to generate early momentum and inspirational examples.

Social Media Support: Sharing the word via social media by Liking and Sharing our Facebook Page. 

Media Support: Reporting this competition out via news sources/publications/magazines during our kick-off week May 18-22.

Bloggers: Helping identify bloggers committed to write one time from May 18 - September 1 about the project, the current videos, and what they illuminate, teach, etc. 

Email Support: Share this information with others reaching.  Stay in touch with all the latest updates by joining the email list clicking here.


You’ll find introductory videos and more information on our landing page and through our Facebook page:

We would be glad to help with more media, photographs, quotes or interviews.  The key contact is Cate Tidwell, [email protected], who is featured in the "Why Living Grace " Video.