"Go forth and tell a story in love and in joy" opens Laity session

June 06, 2015

First Lady Racelder Grandberry-Trimble opened the Laity Session at the 2015 Annual Conference Session with prayer and words of encouragement for lay members of the Conference.

“I am excited and enthusiastic about the kingdom of God,” she told those in attendance, “and because of that I am also excited about his kingdom people.”

She greeted the Conference in peace on behalf Bishop Julius Trimble as well, who could not be at the Laity Session.

Mrs. Trimble encouraged the faithful to put on the fruit of the Spirit.

“I put on joy, and I encourage you to put on joy,” she said.

Be big, she said which includes being bold, employing inspiration and being God-shaped.

“Go with the joy that is Jesus, others and yourself,” said Mrs. Trimble. “Put that on.”

She assured the crowd that God’s presence is with them always.

“God will always be beside you,” she said, encouraging an active partnership with the Lord.

Mrs. Trimble also invited Conference attendees to visit the Partners in Ministry exhibit and complete a love note for someone who might need words of encouragement.

“Go forth and tell a story in love and in joy,” said Mrs. Trimble.

There is no more powerful way for laity to witness to one another, she said.