First Day of 2015 Annual Conference Legislative Action

June 07, 2015

The first day of the 2015 Iowa Annual Conference Session saw legislative action on four sections of resolutions.

The full text of resolutions is available on the Iowa Annual Conference website HERE.    

In Section 1, there was no action taken on #101 - Welfare. # 102 – Divesting from Companies That Support the Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Territories, and #103 – Rescind 2014 #105 Response to General Conference Inaction, were declared out of order. #104 – Support for an Increase in Family Investment Program (FIP) (new), and #105 – Action Alert #105 Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), were passed on the consent calendar, and #106 – Support for Connectional Table Third Way, was pulled from the consent calendar.

For Section 2, Conference Ministries #200 – Episcopal Office Staff, Communications, and Human Resources, #201 – District Staff and Operations, #202 – Clergy Support and #204 -  Office of Pastoral Care and Counseling, passed on the consent calendar. #203 – Connectional Ministries Staff and Operations, was pulled from the consent calendar, no action taken.

With Sections 3 – Conference Ministries, and 5 – Central District Connectional Ministries Council, the entirety of both sections was passed on the consent calendar.