Conference approves leaner 2016 budget

June 10, 2015

The 2016 budget of the Iowa Conference will be significantly smaller than the 2015 budget.  The new financial plan is 7.52% smaller than the one in effect in the prior year. 
In the course of the consideration an amendment was proposed that would have limited support for the general church apportionments to the actual percentage received.  (A reserve is included in the budget to bring the Iowa Conference total support for general church apportionments up to 100 percent.)  A second amendment would have restored funding for all conference mission agencies to 2014 levels.  A third would have increased support for higher education and campus ministries to the 2014 level as well.
The net reduction in expenses approved for 2016 is $1,203,480.  Conference ministries, which includes boards of ordained ministries, pensions, trustees, district funds, the episcopal office, communications, pastoral care and counseling will be reduced by $1,073,693, or 10.9 percent.  Conference missions, which includes the boards of camps, church and society, discipleship, Global ministries, are a dictation and campus ministries, lady, and commissions on Christian unity, ministries with persons with disabilities, religion and rice, status and role of women, and several councils will be decreased by $252,334 or 7.5%.  Support for general church apportionments that are set by the General Conference that meets every four years, increases by $122,547 or 4.4%.
Members of the annual conference overwhelmingly approved next year's income and expense projections by a vote of 798-62.