Abiding in Exile - Noah and God 08/12/2021

Abiding in Exile - Noah and God  08/12/2021

August 10, 2021

By: Mary Lautzenhiser Bellon

Perhaps no one did exile in quite the same way as Noah: first, as the laughing stock of his community or thought simply crazy as he built his boat; and then on the seas, hidden within the ark with his family and the community of animals as it rained and rained and rained. Finally, he stood alone with his family in a new land. In the poem below, I attempt to capture Noah’s conversation with God and himself as he rides the long, persistent storm and finds dry land. I hope to capture the spiritual intimacy that comes upon us when we are in exile; I attempt to wonder about God’s experience.
Noah and God
You are mystery
half present, the other
hidden, and I see
the space you shelter.
My territory is silence now,
and the dark ark that shuts in
from the flood. I am familiar
with feeding the animals.
I am friends with the dark.
I have held ravens and doves
at the open window;
I have landed on rock
and built altars to life,
and to the mystery
that hovers in the fresh morning air
still slick with receding water. 
You sit half hidden,
but I see where you become yourself,
in the indigo horizon,
and in the lowing of the life with me
and within me.
I see you appearing and know
your grace that deepens the murmur, 
even though I do not know,
as you do of me
the language you speak when you are alone




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