Disaster Response Update: Hurricane Ida and August Iowa Storms

Disaster Response Update: Hurricane Ida and August Iowa Storms

August 31, 2021

Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida landed just west of New Orleans, LA, and moved east up the Gulf Coast causing damage in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Thousands of people are without power, water and shelter. Currently, authorities are accessing the situation and Power Companies, the national Gard, and Local Municipalities are making things safe.

UMCOR (The United Methodist Committee on Relief) is already at work. The UMCOR-Sager Brown warehouse and grounds were not in the direct path of the storm and are “on the ground” helping, handing out of Cleaning Buckets and Hygiene/Personal Dignity Kits.

Midwest Missions Distribution Center is loading trucks to send to affected communities, some of your donations through Mission In-Gathering and Fill the Truck are among those supplies.

Iowa Storms

During August in Iowa, we have seen an unprecedented number of severe storms and tornados. The Iowa UMC Chainsaw Teams have been working in the communities of Earlville, Cedar Rapids, Marble Rock, Manchester, Charles City, Hazelton, Marshalltown, Hiawatha, Robins, Palo, Todd Ville and Marion, logging more than 850 hours of volunteer time in August alone.

Many communities in Iowa had experienced power outages, roof damage, tree/wind and hail damage.

Our Iowa Disaster Response Team is making contact with churches and pastors in effected communities to offer help and prayers.

How you can help:

At this time, the leadership in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are asking you to NOT just get in your car and go to help. They are in the very early stages of recovery and setting up a system to be able to help people. Please be patient, the recovery efforts will be going on for a long time and you will have many opportunities to help. Again let me be clear, DO NOT GO to disaster areas if you have not been invited by a specific agency.

What you can do:

  • PRAY: pray for our Brothers and Sisters in the Gulf Coast and Iowa and those who are in leadership responding to this disaster. Pray every day.
  • DONATE FINANCIAL GIFTS to help in recovery to conferences or churches directly impacted by storms or to UMCOR (www.umcor.org), financial donation can be given thru the Iowa Conference with the Advance Special numbers. (the conference will pass them on to UMCOR) Financial Gifts to UMCOR are Advance Special #901670. Financial Gifts to be used in Iowa go to Advance Special #223
  • MAKE CLEANING BUCKETS or HYGIENE KITS: they can be given through Mission In-Gathering or gathered in Iowa to work with UMCOR-Sager Brown on getting them where they need to go. Directions for making a Cleaning Bucket can be found on the UMCOR website, www.umcor.org or on the Midwest Missions Website, midwestmissions.org. Watch for more information on where to deliver your complete Cleaning Buckets. If you need more information or help finding the Cleaning Bucket or Hygiene Kits directions feel free to contact us.
  • REACH OUT:  Send a note of support to a church, pastor or friend who are dealing with the effects of the storm. I can not stress enough that personal contact and support MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE.

Catie Newman
Iowa Annual Conference, Disaster Response Coordinators
712-899-4067 – phone or text