June School Teacher for Nigeria Update

June 01, 2015

Rev. Yahuda Zailani graduates from Africa University on June 13 at 9 AM in Mutare, Zimbabwe.  He leaves to return to Nigeria on June 14 where he will resume his staff position at Banyam Theological Seminary.   Here is his last e-mail:  “I bring you greetings. The final result is out; so far I have made a CGPA of 3.32 in my final grade.  I really thank God for his goodness and mercies over my life. I was aiming at 3.5 but this is God's doing, I am grateful to you and all the IOWANS.  My mind is now focus on going back home. I remain yours, Yahuda.”

 On June 8 at 8:30 AM the Iowa Nigeria Partnership Celebration and worship service will be held.  You are welcome to come attired in ethnic dress or T-shirt from a mission project/work trip.  As part of this service an offering will be taken half of which will be used to support Nigerians Paul Johnson at Morningside and Ishaya David at Simpson. The other half will go to support Banyam Theological Seminary, the only UMC theological institution. 

BIG NEWS: An anonymous donor will match the Iowa Nigeria offering that morning up to $25,000!  SO, if your church would like to add a zero to their contribution to the offering or you dig a little deeper in your pocket wouldn’t that be wonderful?  Checks are made payable to the Iowa Conference Treasurer and designated, INP, $230, AC offering. 

The offering will be ‘a la Nigeria’ tradition where you form a line to dance your way to place your offering in a basket at the front. Join the others in your area at Annual Conference to celebrate God’s gifts to us that we share with our brothers and sisters in Nigeria. So join in this festive movement! 

We request prayers for a travel day free of bad weather, safe travel while in Nigeria, vehicles that function, passable roads and energy to accomplish our “to do” lists.  The first team of five from Cedar Falls First; Linda Rowe and I leave on June 11.  The Grandview UMC/Dubuque four leave on June 24.