January School Teacher for Nigeria Update

January 01, 2015


As we move into January in Nigeria, schools will resume classes after the Christmas break whether Jan. 5 or 12th. For Yahuda Zailani and Uzajja Dauda, Banyam Theological Seminary faculty studying at Africa University, they have had a month break so were assigned jobs on the campus in exchange for room and meals.  Yahuda went to the home of a Zimbabwean classmate while Uzajja and other international students went to Harare to spend Christmas day.  

With the assistance from Iowa churches and individuals, the 2nd semester tuition and fees have been paid for Yahuda and Uzajja.   We continue to solicit your financial support for these two students as they get their Master’s Degrees. As always, monies may be sent from your local church to the Iowa Conference Treasurer marked; INP, #230, your designation.  

Paul Johnson at Morningside, Davidson Adams and Teddy Pena at WITCC and Ishaya David at Simpson are again experiencing the bitterly cold weather of our Iowa winter.  They all had campus jobs during the holidays.  Several of them were given “Care Packages” which they enjoyed and express their thanks to the donors.  

2015 is the year that the Iowa Nigeria Partnership celebrates 25 years of shared mission and ministry with the UMC in Nigeria.  Started in 1989, Iowans were asked to help the Nigerian church establish schools so construction of Preschool/Nursery Classrooms was built, equipped and classes started. Now the Junior Secondary School continues the educational trek through Grade 12.  Financial assistance has been given to other schools in the Central and North Conferences along with library books from the InGathering kits. 

We invite you to celebrate this momentous event with us at Annual Conference, Monday, June 8. Plan to attend the special dinner at First United Methodist Church to hear highlights of YOUR involvement in Nigeria. Consider a special offering to support selected Nigerian projects.

With the implementation of a Five Year Plan for Banyam Theological Seminary (BTS) by Rev. Donna Meinhard and Rev. Arleon Kelley in 2010, a review of this plan will be considered and a refocus on unmet needs will be organized.  Several grants from the General Board of Discipleship (for Kindles for the students) and the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (funds for solar panels for electrification of the campus) and with the assistance of the German Methodist Church, BTS is moving forward in its goal to provide a high standard of theological education to empower potential leaders for the UMCN on a safe and sanitary campus. 

As educators we know Jesus was a Master Teacher, mentor and counselor teaching children, family members, friends and multitudes of followers. Today, let us follow in his foot steps to make learning available to our Nigerians friends in Jesus Christ.