Welcome Kali Tomlinson as Lake Okoboji Program Coordinator

Welcome Kali Tomlinson as Lake Okoboji Program Coordinator

December 16, 2021

We are excited to welcome Kali Tomlinson to the Lake Okoboji UM Camp Staff!

Kali was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. She has a BA in Social Sciences from Michigan State University and a MS in Youth Development Leadership from Clemson University. When Kali isn’t working, she enjoys cooking, reading, kayaking, trivia, exercise and writing letters. She especially enjoys spending time with family, friends and my kitty, Clover. Some of her favorite camp activities include campfires and tie-dye.

When asked, Kali had this to say about joining the staff at Okoboji.

“I am excited to begin work at Lake Okoboji UM Camp as the Program Coordinator! I have almost every camp job you can imagine; everything from cabin leader to transportation, high challenge, and waterfront to outdoor education to programs and director! I love working at camp because it has such a powerful impact on everyone who participates; and incorporating the love of Christ takes it so much further than any camp professional could ever do. Some of my favorite and most inspiring camp experiences has been at church camp as a kid. I’m most excited about being able to share my 10+ years of camping experience to help campers and staff grow in all aspects of their selves.”

We can’t wait for everyone to meet and welcome Kali. We are excited about the experience she brings and the experiences she will help create this summer. 

Kali can be reached by email Program@okobojicamp.com or via phone at 712.336.2936.