News on Bishop Laurie Haller - 2/17/22

News on Bishop Laurie Haller - 2/17/22

February 17, 2022

Dear Family and Friends of the Iowa Conference,

I am writing to you on behalf of Rev. Gary Haller, Bishop Laurie’s spouse. Yesterday, while out on a morning run, Bishop Laurie hit black ice and fell. This fall resulted in a wrist fracture and possible concussion. The Bishop is home recovering under Gary’s compassionate care and watchful eye.

I invite you to be in prayer for Bishop Laurie in these early days of recovery. Please know that her physician has instructed her not to use computer screens and so she will not be responding to emails. If you’d like to send her and Gary a card of encouragement, you may send it to the Conference Center at the below address and I will make sure they get delivered.

Thank you for your prayers, I know how much Bishop Laurie and Gary appreciate your love and well wishes.

In Christ,



Rev. Dr. Lanette L. Plambeck
Assistant to the Bishop
Cards may be sent to:
Bishop Laurie Haller
Iowa UMC Conference Center
2301 Rittenhouse St.
Des Moines, Iowa  50321