Match Gift Challenge for Iowa UM Camps

Match Gift Challenge for Iowa UM Camps

February 24, 2022

“100% of your pledge goes directly to helping a young person attend camp, or goes towards creating a state of the art ministry program to share Christ with young people right here in Iowa.”

While there are only a few days left in the Annual Campaign to support kids attending camp there is a renewed sense of urgency with the announcement of a match gift challenge.

What is a match gift challenge?

Director of Camps Bryan Johnson explains that the idea is that whatever pledge you or your church makes, it will be ‘matched’ by these generous donors. Essentially, your pledge will be doubled. If you join the Campfire Circle with a pledge of $1,000 this year these donors will also donate $1,000 to match you. This is a great opportunity to support young people learning about Christ.

Pledge information is available online at

“We’ve been blessed by these donors who had strong faith experiences at our Okoboji and Wesley Woods United Methodist Camps,” said Johnson. “They wanted to challenge churches and individuals during these final days of the campaign to help us hit our goal and ensure kids can have powerful faith experiences.”

Iowa United Methodist Camps had been primarily subsidized through the IAUMC apportionment system until the past few years. As the apportionment system has changed, Okoboji and Wesley Woods have switched to a donor driven model to support youth and maintain camps.

“The best part about moving away from apportionments is how connected we now are to our supporters and alumni,” said Johnson.

Iowa Camps still receive apportionment funds, although they have decreased by over 50% with an overall goal of no longer being subsidized by the Annual Conference.

Match donors will double all pledges received through the end of the month up to $25,000 if designated for Wesley Woods and $15,000 if designated for the Okoboji U.M. Camp. While pledges are due by the end of the month to take advantage of the challenge, they wouldn’t need to be fulfilled until the end of the year.

“Urgency is important with just a few days left in the month. With nothing being due right away I hope that helps with decision making,” said Johnson. 

The Annual Campaign will end on the last day of the month, although donations will still be accepted at any time. To make a gift, go online to, or email for a pledge card. Additionally, the camps office can be reached at 800.765.1651.