Abiding in Exile 7/14/2022

Abiding in Exile 7/14/2022

July 13, 2022

Here are two poems that capture moments, one in morning, one in night. It is in the moments that we live our lives; it is in the moments that we are aware of life within life, God within life, God with us, God with the world. 

By Mary Lautzenhiser Bellon 

The Morning Walk
My shoes were drenched
where I left them
in the yard
so I walked barefoot
over the smooth stones
and the long folding grass, then,
the sharp edge of the trellis
cut my ankle
when I leaned in
to breathe the early day
the blood was the color of roses,
petals, and mindful
I felt   nudging stems at my leg
and behind me the wet shoes.   
(Mary Bellon)         
Last night I sat outside
as the world rested
but I was waking, of You, full,
and wondering how,
in my hemisphere, 
I could feel the spin 
of the earth, its axis 
holding my hand as my body
swung simply free but taut
and in a direction toward 
a clear moon and daylight. 
Who are You that owns
the howl of stars toward
the light of earth or the 
guesswork within this late hour?
I do not know what to think
but only that I was resting
and the world moved, and then,
as if a great shift rippled,
the world slept, while I rocked
to my feet and then lifted.
(Mary Bellon)


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