August 2015 School Teacher for Nigeria

August 04, 2015


Ishaya David, a junior at Simpson College, will arrive back in Iowa on August 11 after having visited his mother, brothers and baby niece in Nigeria!

The family of Davidson Adams, who recently graduated from WITCC in Sioux City, has been granted a visa to come to the U.S.  He is so excited to finally be able to have his family with him after two years of separation.  So, wife Ruth, boys Destiny and Divine, along with daughter Beverly, will arrive in Omaha on August 16.  They will live in staff housing on the WITCC campus where Davidson will work and take online classes to get his Bachelor’s Degree.  He has had lots of travel expenses to bring his family here so if you wish to help support him, you may send your gifts through your local church, to the Conference Treasurer designated: INP, #230, Davidson Adams. 

Uzajja Dauda, a Banyam Theological Seminary (BTS) faculty member, is taking his internship in Bauchi, Nigeria before returning for his final semester at Africa University in Jan. 2016.

Isa Dunah, Danjuma Musa and Danladi Dikko, other BTS faculty, will go to West Africa Theological Seminary in Lagos to take a Basic Computer Screening on August 19. If they pass this computer proficiency test and if we Iowans can raise funds to cover their school fees, they will start their Masters and Doctoral degree programs in Jan. 2016. In order to keep up with the growing UMC in Nigeria, more trained pastors are an absolute requirement. Banyam Theological Seminary is the only UMC seminary for this theological training to take place. To provide further education for the BTS faculty, funds are needed to help support Isa, Danjuma and Danladi as they devote themselves to advance theological studies. 

Each Iowa UM Church has a pastor who been through theological training so let’s help the Nigerian church to continue their growth by aiding BTS faculty in their desire to listen, learn and then lecture! 

Another faculty home on the BTS Campus is being renovated. When we went to check out the house, I placed my hand on the door frame and it simply gave way due to being termite infested. At a cost of between $4,000 - $5,000 homes are gutted to the foundation and the renovation takes place!

Looking for a mission project to support….well, look no longer.  Here are some suggestions for consideration. 

  1. Notebooks for adult literacy learners               $5      
  2. Stipend for Literacy teachers (per month)       $10
  3. Student Scholarship at Banyam Seminary      $50 per term/$150 per year     
  4. Pit toilet at Banyam Seminary                         $350
  5. Laptops for Computer Centers                        $500

Have a wonderful August and continue your prayers for our church family in Nigeria!