2020 Iowa Annual Conference Session Information is now available online!

2020 Iowa Annual Conference Session Information is now available online!

December 05, 2019

Please take note of the following changes and updates. You can follow the links for more detailed information.

- Shorter Conference -
Friday June 5th – Sunday June 7th 
The 2020 Iowa Annual Conference will begin early Friday afternoon, June 5 and close late Sunday afternoon, June 7, 2020. This change responds to one of the more often named requests in annual conference evaluations, which asked that the length of the annual conference session be shortened. Read More.
- Parking on-site at the Iowa Event Center -
Parking: $10 per vehicle
You may park in the North lot of the Iowa Event Center for $10 without re-entry.
In past years the Annual Conference funded the purchase of 437 parking spots during Annual Conference Session. In a continued effort to be good stewards of apportionment dollars and resources, the Annual Conference will not be leasing out these parking spaces, saving the Conference approximately $19,000. Read More.
- New Layout -
Two major changes you will notice:
1) We are flipping the room 90 degrees so that the stage is against the South wall.  
2) The exhibit/vendor booths and concessions will be in the same hall as plenary  (Halls B & C) separated by curtains.
In past years the concessions and booths were in a separate room, Hall A.  By combining the spaces we are reducing our overall footprint and eliminating the rental of Hall A, subsequently lowering the facility rental cost. Take a peek!
- Open Seating - (no assigned seating)
In 2019, we introduced Open Seating within districts in an effort to give attendees more choice in how they experience Annual Conference and to increase efficiency with Session planning.  We found this to be a great success overall and will continue it for 2020. Read More.
- Hotels -
Registration is now open for select discounted rate hotels. Southside hotels are in the works. Special Rate Hotels.

If you have any further questions, please email Conference Session Co-Coordinators Felicia Coe and DeeDee Sobotka at sessions@iaumc.org