2022 Apportionment calculations published

2022 Apportionment calculations published

September 03, 2021

The calculations for the 2022 Iowa Annual Conference Apportionments have been completed and the information has been published on the Iowa Conference website under the Finance and Administration, Apportionment Resources page (

This includes the 2022 Apportionments by Church, 2022 Apportionment Calculation Report by Church (Includes Districk Asking), and 2022 Apportionment Fund Breakdown (with Pie Charts).

The 2022 Apportionment Budget for the Iowa Annual Conference totals $8,217,654, a decrease of 15.5% from 2021. Only seven church’s apportionments went up and four of those were these newer churches who are in a phase-in mode after being chartered.