September 2015 School Teachers for Nigeria

September 03, 2015

What’s happening? 

Davidson Adams’ wife Ruth and children Destiny, Divine and Beverly Joy are now settled into WITCC campus housing at 4701 Stone Ave., Apt. F4, Sioux City, IA 51106. They are ecstatic to be a family again! Davidson will be taking on-line classes to get his Bachelor’s Degree. 

Ishaya David arrived back from Nigeria safely and purchased a second hand car for use during his internship while at Simpson College. 

Paul Johnson starts his senior year at Morningside College where he is the student body president. 

Three Banyam Theological Seminary faculty members, Isa Dunah, Musa Danjuma and Danladi Dikko took public transportation from Bambur to Lagos for the Basic Computer Screening test…which they all passed with flying colors. Their trip was not without incident as they came upon an accident that blocked the highway. Later their vehicle was held up by armed robbers but God saved them.   

The three “D”s  Dunah, Danladi and Danjuma will all be attending WATS, West Africa Theological Seminary, in Lagos, Nigeria.  Musa has begun his two year Master’s Degree program which requires being on campus full time.   Due to shortage of campus housing Musa is bunking for a friend and has to either walk or take transportation to/from the campus. His housing cost is about $10 per day and meals are $3. He has no money to purchase the required theological books for his classes.  Your monetary contribution will help him on his journey for advanced theological education. See below for how to support any Nigerian educational project. 

Dunah and Danladi will start their Doctoral program in 2016 when they attend on campus classes for two weeks in January and July.  The other classes will be taken on-line.  These men are in their late 40’s, early 50’s, are now on the other side of the desk as students and request your prayers as they become learners again.  Their course of study is about $3,500 per year per student so funds are requested to assist them in their theological studies to further enhance the academic studies at Banyam Theological Seminary. 

There is a “housing combo” at Banyam Theological Seminary that needs to be addressed! Student housing is deplorable…unsanitary and unsafe for families. Build by the missionaries in the ’30s and ‘40s, the foundation is solid but the buildings need to be renovated. Pit toilets will help with sanitation so that the family doesn’t need to use the “bush” as a toilet. Having a smoke free kitchen will complete the “housing combo.”  How about assisting with this renovation? 

As always you may support the Iowa Nigeria Partnership by sending your monetary gifts through your local church to the conference treasurer marked: INP, #230, your designation. 

You, members of the Iowa Conference, have been part of the partnership over 25 years with church people in Nigeria. Your faithfulness and commitment are to be commended. Let’s continue our support of the growing and dynamic UMC in Nigeria.  You are making a HUGE difference in the growth of this church as we help provide educational opportunities for these church leaders….the future faces of the Nigerian United Methodist Church.