East Central welcomes new Superintendent

East Central welcomes new Superintendent

September 30, 2015

Rev. Kiboko I. Kiboko was welcomed as the new Conference Superintendent for the East Central District in a worship service on Sunday, September 27.  With prayer and music nearly two hundred people gathered in the sanctuary of Marion First United Methodist Church to mark the beginning of a new ministry.

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Common commitment was expressed through the opening prayer – “Eternal God, by your grace you have set us together in your Church…Grant your continuing grace, we pray, to all who exercise leadership in your Church that they may with diligence and faithfulness fulfill their various ministries; and grant that we, your people, may follow them where you lead and minister faithfully in the world.”

Rev. William Poland, Assistant to the Bishop for Administration, brought greetings from Bishop Julius C. Trimble, who is on renewal leave until November 1, 2015. “I can share with you that the decision to appoint a superintendent to the East Central District has been a very prayerful one,” Rev. Poland said.  He went on to reveal that Bishop Trimble had solicited input from the Appointive Cabinet, District Committee on Superintendency and Field Outreach Ministry, and others throughout the Annual Conference.  Other factors for the appointment included the requisite that the “Superintendent for the East Central District needed to have a missional mindset and an international understanding.”  In addition, the Superintendent needed to have “experience in different sized churches and settings as well as the ability to draw people together and to help see and discern a common vision for ministry together.”

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After describing the essential characteristics of the new East Central Superintendent, Rev. Poland announced, “After much much prayer Bishop Julius Trimble has appointed the Rev. Kiboko I. Kiboko to be your Superintendent.” As one, the congregation rose in a standing ovation to welcome its new ministry leader.

Brenda Taylor represented the District Ministry Team Support Committee leading the Covenant Service.  Rev. Kiboko was asked to affirm that he had been “appointed to be among us for the ministry of Word and Sacrament; and called to a special ministry of supervision and leadership…to guard the faith, to seek the unity, and to exercise the discipline of the Church, and to supervise and support the Church’s life, work, and mission.”

In return, the people gathered in Marion First UMC’s sanctuary declared, “We welcome you…we celebrate your appointment to the East Central District…we affirm your leadership…we pledge to you our support in our mutual ministry.”

Dr. Jill Sanders, East Central’s Field Outreach Minister, led a presentation of the Signs of the District Superintendency, which included a Bible, water representing baptism, bread and cup representing communion, the United Methodist Book of Hymns and Book of Worship, a towel and basin symbolizing service, a stole as a sign of being a pastor, the Book of Discipline to strengthen denominational connections, and a basket of food representing mission to the world.

The Asbury UMC French Praise and Worship Band, Mark and Pastor Alexis Johnson, and Marion First United Methodist Church’s organist – Diane Beach, provided music for the afternoon.

Rev. Kiboko’s sermon, entitled, “Josh and Bridges,” was highlighted by a spontaneous a capella musical offering.  (click here to see Rev. Kiboko’s sermon

As it began, the service, which included Holy Communion, drew to a close with a prayerful request to “Draw us together in one spirit, that each of us may use our differing gifts as members of one body…may we be one in service to others.”