October 2015 School Teachers for Nigeria

October 03, 2015

At Banyam Theological Seminary in Bambur, the new medical clinic is being completed with an opening date of October 5.  Cedar Falls First UMC and Living Parish/Monona UMC have funded this priority project. With over 200 students and staff on campus, having health care on site has been a dream of the BTS leadership for several years. The young families need pre/post natal and maternity care, which will now  become a reality. People can be seen there with minor health problems treated rather than driving to a distant town for medical care.   

Until funds are available there will be a skeleton staff serving at the clinic.  The approximate per month cost to pay the health workers is $200 plus the purchase of medicines to dispense would cost another $200. The plan to for the clinic to be self sufficient within six months. 

Knowing the importance of available health care for ourselves and our families, the access to medications and medical expertise, why not make it possible for the BTS community to receive “shalom” at the new medical clinic.  Your monetary gifts may be sent through your local church to the conference treasurer marked: INP, #230, BTS Medical Clinic.

Rev. Danjuma Juji and wife, Salamatu, had a baby girl, their 6th (and last!!) child. Danjuma graduated with a Doctor in Ministry Degree from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington D.C. in May.  Juji serves as the BTS Registrar and Salamatu was our team cook in June.  We congratulate them on this new addition to their family.

Student housing poses a serious problem at BTS.  These homes are old, weather has worn them down, rain/wind have damaged the tin roof causing nail size holes which allow water to drip into the house. They are not sanitary, safe or secure but rather pathetic and dismal.  These old houses need lots of TLC to the tune of about $3,000 each.  Dysart UMC is raising funds to renovate one student home! There are 10 homes that need remodeling so consider assisting with this HOME RENOVATION! Make this your FALL MISSION PROJECT! Get these seminary families into clean and cheery homes by CHRISTMAS!