Child Care Center awarded Native American Sunday special offering

Child Care Center awarded Native American Sunday special offering

October 06, 2015

Pastor Audrey Westendorf Young, Chairperson for Mission Education of the Iowa Conference Board of Global Ministries has announced that Grace United Methodist Church in Sioux City has been awarded over $39,000. Grace UMC houses the Native American Child Care Center.

The Native American Sunday collection is received each year as one of the six denominational special offerings.  (Read more)  Half the offering has been sent to the GBGM with the other half remaining in Iowa. 

Here are pictures from the grateful recipients who are now able to serve more Native American children.

According to Beach Husk, director of the Native American Child Care Center, "The funds have been put to good use helping  to purchase a much needed third van.  Most children at the center begin and end each day with a van ride.  The last few years we have only been able to provide two vans, but with your help this year we are able to provide a third van for the transportation needs of the children not receiving this service."  "Because of this," she added, "we have been able to increase our enrollment count and have reached our license capacity!  Being able to provide this service the children form close relationships with the Teacher on the van and other children."

An invitation is extended to come to Sioux City to visit the center.  "The children love to have visitors," Husk said.  "They are glad to show you what they do in their school day."