Young Adults visit with Bishop Trimble

March 22, 2013

By Phil Carver*

Young adults visited with Bishop Trimble about faith and the church recently in Burlington.

Sunday, February 17th, Bishop Julius Calvin Trimble preached at Grace United Methodist Church in Burlington. Following worship, young adults from across Des Moines County shared lunch and conversation with him.

They were asked what was most important about their relationship with God. One participant responded that she is learning to “bloom where you’re planted.” She echoed comments from others about the importance of showing God’s love for others through Christian service.

Many expressed the desire to pass along their faith to their children, both in their immediate families and in the broader community. They recognized the role that mentors have played in their own lives — even today — and wanted to find ways to be mentors in the faith for others.

When asked what the church wasn’t doing that it should be doing, one responded, “Practice what you preach.” The United Methodist Church talks about having open doors, but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way.

Another person responded that young adults are looking for a sense of community from the church. Sunday morning worship isn’t the only time to gather together.

At the close of the conversation, they shared ways that the various churches they represent might share ministry together. One congregation invited those without a Sunday school class to join theirs. They also discussed a variety of service projects they could support.

*Phil Carver is the Field Outreach Minister for the Southeast District