Bishop offers prayer for Iowa legislature

April 09, 2013

“O Lord God, we thank you for this day.  We receive it as a gift and acknowledge it as a unique and unrepeatable moment in time.”

So began Bishop Julius Calvin Trimble as he offered the opening prayer for the Iowa state Senate and House on Tuesday, April 9, 2013.

Bishop Trimble was the guest of Senator Daryl Beall, an 11-year legislator from Fort Dodge.

As he began, Bishop Trimble said, “I am thankful for the opportunity to do publically what I try to do faithfully, and privately, on a regular basis – pray for our elected representatives here in Iowa.  May God bless your families, your witness, your time, and your work,” he asked.  “In the words of Maya Angelou, ‘nothing will work unless you do.’”

In his prayer Bishop Trimble asked, “May these our elected officials be blessed as they seek the common good.  Grant them wisdom for difficult decisions and critical choices they must make. Grantham compassion for some citizens often overlooked and underserved. Grantham vulnerability to foster relationships with their colleagues that lead cooperation, friendship, and the fortitude to be instruments of peace and progress in the state of Iowa. To the glory of God and for the good of all. Amen.”

Bishop Trimble began his day in the House.  As he moved to the Senate chamber, escorted by Senator Beall, the Bishop had an opportunity to meet and greet nearly a dozen pages, high school juniors and seniors, who serve the Senators while they are in session.  Bishop Trimble was also greeted by many of the elected officials, including Senator Liz Mathis of Cedar Rapids.

Click to hear Bishop Trimble’s prayer, as it was offered to the Iowa Senate.