Senator Beall talks about prayer and the Iowa Senate

April 09, 2013

Senator Daryl Beall, Senator from Fort Dodge, invited Bishop Julius Calvin Trimble to offer an opening prayer for the state’s legislative bodies.  The Senator spoke about what it means to have a prayer offered before a session begins.

“I think that it’s tradition that we begin our sessions with an invocation.  It’s a very ecumenical thing – we invite different members of the clergy from around the state,” he said.  “I think that it’s an honor.  I enjoy hosting the visiting chaplain of the day – Bishop Trimble is my third that I’ve invited this year.”

Speaking about the work of the Legislature Senator Beall observed, “I think we’re all here to do God’s work, whether we’re ordained or not.  I think we’re all called to be ministers.  As President Kennedy said in his inaugural address, ‘we’re here to do God’s work and here on earth we have a lot of work to do.’”

“Opening the sessions with prayer bonds us.  When we pray, we’re praying to one God.  We’re not praying as Republicans or as Democrats, but rather, as Iowans and Americans.  It’s a marvelous way to begin and might be the only time today that we agree!”

“As a life-long United Methodist it’s a great honor to be able to host our Church’s Bishop.”

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