Iowa religious leaders sign global climate change statement

April 20, 2013

Iowa Interfaith Power & Light releases “A Statement by Religious Leaders in Iowa on the Moral Impacts of Coal” leading up to Earth Day on April 22, 2013

Bishop Julius Calvin Trimble is among the 50 clergy and other faith leaders who have signed on to “A Statement by Religious Leaders in Iowa on the Moral Impacts of Coal,” released by Iowa Interfaith Power & Light.  The group of religious leaders represent 12 different religious traditions and 33 congregations or organizations in Iowa.

The statement reads, in part, “We do not speak as scientists or environmental experts, but as pastors and teachers who are concerned that the moral and ethical dimensions of this issue could be lost in the competing voices of economic and political pressures.”

Rev. Susan Guy, Executive Director of Iowa Interfaith Power & Light said that the goal for releasing this statement so close to the celebration of Earth Day is to draw attention to the fact that burning coal is the largest source of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, which is a leading cause of global climate change.

“We cannot separate the effects of global climate change from its sources. We know that burning fossil fuels for our energy production is a major contributing factor to climate disruption, such as drought, wildfires, floods, and super storms. As people of faith we are concerned about the impact this has on the most vulnerable in our communities and our world,” said Susan Guy.

The statement also says, “Every major faith tradition has a statement on caring for Earth. We live in fragile interdependence with all creation. Coal is a dirty fuel source that poisons the air, the water, and our own health. All of God’s children deserve safe air to breath, clean water to drink, and freedom from the fear of climate disasters. We must work together to find solutions to lower our dependence on coal-fired power generation. We urge all people of faith to take this responsibility seriously and work for justice while caring for the common good.”

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The full statement with signatories to date can be found here: