Laity session highlights effective ministries

June 08, 2013

Lay Leaders from each of the Iowa Conference’s eight districts, the Conference Lay Leader, and clergy and laity from several congregations shared examples of effective ministries in a presentation that also featured an invitation to the United Methodist Men national gathering in July and three upcoming events from United Methodist Women.

The evening began with the District Lay Leaders introducing themselves: North Central – Duane Kruckenberg; Northwest – Marilyn Bruebaker; Northeast – Richard Klinefelter; East Central – Becki Kenton; Southwest – Karen and Scott Benton; South Central  - represented by Ed Kail, FOM for the Southwest District; Central – Margaret Borgen; and Southeast – Marilyn Lancaster.

Dan Houston and his late wife, Jean, were recognized as recent coordinators of the Thanksgiving Ingathering.  The lay-led project raised over $1 million in goods and services to support needs “for the least of these world-wide.”

As Conference Lay Leader, Dave Decker presented the Address.  Noting the different format and time for the Laity session he said, “I am so glad that this year we were able to find a time that clergy could be a part of our time together.”  It’s important “that the laity and clergy…work to imagine a faithful church and imagine a healthy world.”

“In order for us to transform the world, “ he said, “we need to first transform ourselves.  We all need to be committed to following Jesus and stop just being a fan…and we need to continue to learn…We all need to commit to following in the steps of Jesus Christ and then we can ultimately transform the world with the help of our prayers and the Holy Spirit.”

The Laity Session concluded with the recognition of the 2013 School for Lay Ministry graduates.