Ordering of Ministry Service includes call to "dream and be courageous"

June 09, 2013

The service for the Ordering of Ministry saw the ordination consecration and recognition of ministry milestones for twenty-three persons.  Bishop Sally Dyck, Resident Bishop of the Chicago Area was the preacher and Bishop Alan Scarfe of the Episcopal Diocese of Des Moines brought an Ecumenical greeting.  James Walters directed the Iowa Conference Choir and Orchestra.

Dave Decker, Conference Lay Leader, Rev. Barrie Tritle, chairperson of the Board of Ordained Ministry and Rev. Scott Keele Kober presented the persons to be commissioned, ordained, and recognized.  “We believe them to be duly called to serve God,” Bishop Julius Calvin Trimble said.

In her sermon, “It IS Rocket Science” Bishop Dyck noted, “The ministry of the church of Jesus Christ is like rocket science.  Clergy are preachers, teachers, pastors, liturgists, and theologians.  I assure you, ministry takes all of our gifts, skills, grace and grit!  It takes every ounce of who we are, with the grace of the Holy Spirit of God.”

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Bishop Dyck also observed that ministry is a community experience.  “No one has all the skills, gifts and graces…it takes everyone, with all of the wisdom, compassion and teaching.”  Further, “it’s all needed to offer the soul food of the Gospel.” 

“The church needs relationships, communication and organization.  We need to turn to colleagues, share common concern for God’s goals, with respect for one another to be the church of Jesus Christ.”

Concluding her message Bishop Dyck challenged the church to “return to our big dream.”  Through her experience during her assignment to the Minnesota area she discovered that the involvement with Imagine No Malaria “will stretch our ability to dream big dreams for and with God.  It has given me more courage to move beyond self-limitations.”  And for the church she concluded,” by dreaming big dreams we can realize that the whole universe is our parish.”

The service for the Ordering of Ministry followed the traditional United Methodist General Examination of all the candidates.  Bishop Trimble said, “My sisters and brothers in Christ, you have been called to a recognized, commissioned, or ordained ministry. The church now confirms your calling.”  As a blessing he added, “May God, who has given you the will to do these things, give you grace to perform them, that the work begun in you may be brought to perfection.”

For the ten being commissioned for the work of an Elder Bishop Trimble prayed, “God of the apostles and prophets, of the martyrs and teachers, you raise up men and women to be apostolic leaders in your church.  By your Holy Spirit help these, your servants, to understand and live the mystery of your love with boldness and joy.  Deepen their sense of purpose as they exercise commissioned ministry. Empower them, and those who will walk with them to guide their ministry, together with all of your people, to heal the sick, love the outcast, resist evil, preach the Word, and give themselves freely for your name’s sake.”

The six candidates to be ordained as Elders were asked, “Will you, for the sake of the church’s life and mission, covenant to participate in the order of elders? Will you give yourself to God through the order of elders in order to sustain and build each other up in prayer, study, worship, and service?”

An offering was received to support Imagine No Malaria.

Bishop Trimble concluded the service by offering a blessing.  “We thank you, gracious God, for raising up among us faithful servants. Clothe them with your righteousness, and grant that we, with them, may glorify you by giving ourselves to others.”

Persons recognized as course of study graduates:  James R. Buckhahn, Kevin W. Smith, Benjamin A. Wilson 

Recognized as an associate member:  Keith E. Putney

Commissioned for the work of a deacon:  William J. Ranney

Commissioned for the work of an elder:  Thomas H. Berryman, Steven M. Braudt, Allen, C. Craft, Matthew S. German, Jonathan D. Heifner, Jena J. Manchester, Jeremy M. Poland, Lisa D. Schroeder, Eric R. Schubert, Bethany J. Willers

Ordained as elders:  Paul I. Burrow, Melissa L. Drake, Timothy B. Frasher, Nathaniel W. Nims, Shannon, J. Pascual, Travis M. Stevick

Received from another denomination and into full membership:  Timothy D. Bonney

Received from another Methodist denomination: Dong Hun Shin.