Imagine No Malaria nears $800,000 support mark

June 09, 2013

“As the Iowa Conference, we have begun an extraordinary effort to save lives” said Rev. Katie Dawson, the Iowa Conference coordinator for Imagine No Malaria.  “As the Iowa Conference, we have begun an extraordinary effort to save lives.”

In a stark comparison to the toll Malaria exacts, Rev. Dawson revealed, “Since this annual conference was called to order yesterday at 9:30am – 1, 548 children have died.”  That “unacceptable” tragedy exists even in light of the fact that the number of Malaria deaths has been reduced by half over the past few years.

She offered a plan to the Conference.  “So start by setting a goal for your church… a God-Sized Goal you will HAVE to reach out to your community to accomplish.”  Second, “Pray with your church about what God is inviting YOU to do in the next year to fight malaria.  Next, speak up for our brothers and sisters struggling with malaria.  Learn all you can and tell the story wherever you go.”

Arriving at the Iowa Conference goal of raising $2  million by the 2014 session of the Iowa Annual Conference, she said, “If today 200 of us, pledged to give $1/day… to save 100 lives… we will have raised over $1million.”

As of the time of the report the total of gifts and pledges to Imagine No Malaria through the Iowa Conference was $789,000.

Though “we have never done anything like this before,” she said, “I am amazed by everyday by YOU! “  Rallying the enthusiasm of the Conference she invited all present to “stand up if you serve on our steering committee.  Stand up if you are an ambassador or organizer.  Stand If you are one of 128 churches that cooked pancakes! If you have personally given to this effort, stand up! If you are GOING to inspire your church, will you stand? “ 

Note: Following the presentation nearly $8,000 of additional pledges and gifts was reported from the efforts of several local churches.