Two resolutions are endorsed

June 11, 2013

Two resolutions – one calling for ending human trafficking the second calling for reducing military spending to meet human needs – were approved by the 2013 session of the Iowa Annual Conference.  The endorsement came early in the Conference session by the approval of the consent calendar on which they have been placed.

The first resolution, which was proposed by the Iowa Conference United Methodist Women, focused on “Ending Human Trafficking.”  Calling human trafficking a quote form of modern-day slavery” suggests that trafficking is “the worlds second largest criminal industry, manifesting as contract slavery, forced labor and sexual trafficking.”  The resolution called on “all Iowa United Methodist Churches to be encouraged” to study a UMW resource packet and for “Pastoral leadership to be encouraged to preach on the sin of human trafficking to stimulate spiritual growth and motivate advocacy.”

The second endorsed resolution calls for “Reducing Military Spending to Meet Human Needs.”  It asks that the United States Congress and President “work together to cut military spending by 20% and redirect those funds into meeting human needs; and calls for churches and members to engage in a study of the impact of US military spending on the health and well-being of Iowa’s children and families.”