Wesley Foundations mark 100 years in Iowa

June 11, 2013

The Methodist Movement began on campus when, in 1729, John Wesley, brother Charles and a few others started a Holy Club which met early every morning for conversation, prayer, reading scripture and “watching over one another in love”.

100 years ago Iowa Methodists continued Wesley’s campus ministry vision as they began shaping conversations on campuses in our state.

And today, the conversations continue. These conversations take place in various settings and around various topics.

There are conversations about relationships. Conversations take place about healthy interactions, about how to solve problems within relationships, about families, and conversations, which deepen our connections with and understandings of each other.

We have conversations about God. What are your beliefs about God? What informs your beliefs? What can we do to be more Christ-like? How can we share our beliefs about God with others? What can we do to deepen our understandings of God?

Conversations happen about putting faith into action. These conversations happen around the table, while participating in mission projects, and on service and learning trips. Conversations take place about why and how we serve others.

We have conversations happen about the future. Conversations take place about jobs, about careers and about living out faith in any profession, in relationships, and in all aspects of life.

Every year our Wesley Foundation campus ministries maintain traditions while constantly moving beyond our walls, providing a home away from home, and creating new places for new people.

Conversations take place everywhere
• In the kitchen
• Around the table
• At the grocery store
• At an art exhibit
• Outside
• Around the Christmas Tree
• In Worship
• Late at Night
• Early in the morning

Through the decades Wesley Foundations have nurtured thousands of conference and denominational leaders, pastors, Sunday School Teachers, Chairs of Boards, committee members, persons in all vocations, parents, and loving family members.

Thanks to the prayers and financial support of the churches and people of the Iowa Annual Conference our Wesley Foundations have been shaping conversations on campus for 100 years…shaping conversations, which shape lives…shaping lives, which shape the world.

(But) The conversation (pause) and the connection (pause) will not continue … (long pause)…without you.