Health care professionals needed for 2014 Nigeria work team

September 17, 2013

Iowa health care professionals are invited to join a medical work team to Nigeria from approximately June 11 – June 24-25, 2014.

All specialties of medical care are needed including dental, eye/vision, G.P’s, nurses and helpers. Interested participants may attend an orientation meeting on Sat. Nov. 9 at the UM Conference Center in Des Moines. 

The medical team will:

  • Assist with the week long eye surgeries and dental clinic
  • See patients at Worom and Salaminkala Clinic, both in rural areas
  • Sort through medical equipment and distribute it to three clinics
  • Offer pre-natal and well baby clinics (prenatal and pediatric experience a plus)
  • Instruct pregnant mothers in birth process, nutrition and child care
  • Assist in distribution of bed nets and how to use them

Maintenance and general construction skills are needed to address building/construction needs such as placing netting over windows, rehanging doors, repair of benches, beds, etc.

The United Methodist Church of Nigeria has a hospital and Eye Centre in Zing as well as supporting many outlying clinics staffed by government-trained personnel.

Medical equipment and supplies for the hospital and clinics will be collected before 15 Feb. 2014 to be included in the sea container to be sent first week of March 2014. 

The cost for a 15-18 day trip is $3,000 (approximate) which includes all expenses except items of a personal nature, valid U.S. passport, inoculations, malaria prevention and tips.

For further information about the trip or medical equipment/supply list contact:  Beverly Nolte, 515 266 4186, or Linda Rowe, 641 664 1828,