Nate Mason to be LDM for Young Adult and Generational Ministries

September 28, 2013

Nate MasonOn September 30th, Nathaniel (Nate) Mason begins work with the Iowa Annual Conference as the Leadership Development Minster for Young Adult and Generational Ministries.  He will be working half-time: visiting places in the conference where ministries are connecting to young people and discipling them to Jesus Christ and networking the people and ministries he visits with one another, consulting with the Conference Council on Youth Ministries and the Youth Strike for Christ, and participating as a member of the Leadership Development Ministry Team in providing leadership to the congregations of the conference in revitalization and development of new ministries.

Nate grew up in Western South Dakota.  He had the privilege of serving as Senior High Youth Coordinator at Canyon Lake United Methodist Church and as the Licensed Local Pastor appointed the Fairburn United Methodist Church.  A little more than a year ago, he married Krissa, who brought him to Iowa so she could finish her J.D. at Drake Law School.  During the past year, he served at First United Methodist Church of Winterset and the First United Presbyterian Church of Winterset as Youth Ministry Coordinator.  They recently moved to Washington, Iowa, where Krissa has taken on an associate attorney position.

Nate is really excited to start serving the Iowa Conference.  “In this position, I will again be able to enjoy the diversity of churches in all their shapes and sizes.  I now have the opportunity to travel my new home conference, meet the people, learn the history, and hear their stories.  I can’t wait to hear the Gospel Christ has given you!  It is my hope in sharing our stories and our experiences that we can learn from each other.  Every church faces a lot of challenges.  The world is changing fast, and so many new pressures are put on our youth that we never had to deal with growing up.  It is my hope that we can all come together and find a way to serve our youth and help them foster a loving relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.”

I am really excited to have Nate as a member of our staff team!  Please join me in welcoming him. Starting Tuesday, you can reach him at, phone 515-974-8944.

Rev. Karen Nichols Dungan
Assistant to the Bishop for Connectional Ministries