Colleen McRoberts to Be Leadership Development Minister for Social Justice and Mission

October 25, 2013

On October 28, 2013, Colleen McRoberts begins work with the Iowa Annual Conference as the Leadership Development Minister for Social Justice and Mission.   

She will be working half-time: visiting places in the conference where ministries are connecting congregations to their communities and discipling them to Jesus Christ by engaging in missional activity and justice advocacy, networking the people and ministries she visits with one another, consulting with the Conference Board of Church and Society, and participating as a member of the Leadership Development Ministry Team in providing leadership to the congregations of the conference in revitalization and development of new ministries.

Colleen was born in Montrose, Colorado.  She received a BA in Music from Colorado State University and has been a professional worship musician since 1998.  She is a freelance worship consultant, musician and blogger.  As a result of her relationship with The United Methodist Church, Colleen was baptized in 2005.  She lives in Mason City, where her husband, Rev. Sean McRoberts, serves First United Methodist Church.  At Mason City First United Methodist Church, she works closely with the Evangelism Team and helps with the technology ministries of the church.

Colleen is looking forward to starting her work with the conference. 

“Giving Voice has been my passion since 6th grade.  Working with school groups, church groups and individuals, I have used music to hear the voices people don't even know they are holding back and to coax those voices forward.  As a freelance consultant on worship renewal, I have been following a call outside my comfort zone and into a different kind of vocal coaching—the process of listening for the prophetic voices for social change which people are holding back and helping to coax those voices forward.  I believe helping people find and give their Voice is one of the most significant openings for transformation in our churches, our schools, our towns, our nations, and our planet today.  I am so excited for this chance to travel the roads of Iowa and listen to the voices of people:  to listen for the words they are holding back and to work with individuals, churches, and communities across the conference to coax those voices forward—not into polarizing debate and divisive dialogue, but into a mixed-voice Chorus which witnesses to the world the holy sound of God's justice, Spirit's fire, and Christ's loving peace.”

Colleen can be reached at [email protected], phone 515-974-8908.