Bishop invites congregations to take step of faith Christmas Eve

November 05, 2013


Dear Pastor and Local Church Leaders,


Bishop John Yambasu testifies about how the United Methodist Church was asked by village leaders to build new churches in a predominantly Muslim area of Sierra Leone. Six new communities of faith have started, because we stepped out in faith to distribute nets to every family in Sierra Leone. He said,"the Good News is that while we aimed at healing souls, the miracle was taking place – God was at work using the ministry to win souls at the same time."


This December, I am inviting every church in Iowa to take a step of faith by giving half of your Christmas eve offering to imagine no malaria.


Imagine the gifts of your church, headed to another.


Imagine churches across the state, joining together to let light shine in the darkness.


Imagine what God could do if every United Methodist Church in Iowa took up this call to let the light of Christ shine through us.


In this work of Imagine No Malaria, we are called to share the Gospel and to heal lives. Your church can take up the call and become one of our "Luke 9:6 churches" who seek to raise at least $25,000 over the next three years to help end death and suffering from Malaria. Or your church could become a "Barnabas Church," setting a God–sized goal of raising at least $100 per attendee. Some of our smallest churches in Iowa are leading the way and have already raised more than that!


We believe this Christmas is a unique opportunity to celebrate the child came to change or world by helping to change lives in Africa. This Christmas we are healing souls and allowing God to work at transforming souls as well 


On behalf of all of the children whose lives will be saved because of your churches generosity, thank you. 


Be encouraged


Bishop Julius C Trimble



Congregational Resources for Advent and Christmas

  • Pre-Thanksgiving Bulletin Insert; Describes the Christmas Eve Giving Challenge and opportunities to donate or purchase gifts that support Imagine No Malaria
  • Christmas Eve Bulletin Insert; Describes the work of Imagine No Malaria for your Christmas Eve worshipping congregation
  • Christmas Challenge Poster; Simple poster to highlight the Christmas Challenge and ways to support Imagine No Malaria
  • Sample Pastoral Letter; An invitation to the congregation to plan and give generously as we change the lives of children in Africa
  • Weekly Worship Resources; Each week includes a story, a video, a prayer, and candle liturgy that can be used as a part of worship.  Readings follow the lectionary.
  • Sample Newsletter Article; Introduces the Christmas Eve Challenge and ways to get involved.

Download these resources at or have them sent to you by contacting Katie Dawson – (319) 651-0173 or [email protected]