The latest on the Sunday storms in Illinois

November 17, 2013

Paul Black, Communications Director for the Illinois Great Rivers Conference, reports on the storms that struck in Illinois on Sunday, November 17, 2013.  "In addition to prayer," he said, "I am sure there will be a need for hygiene kits and cleaning buckets during the cleanup. We should know about need for trained early responders after Monday's trip" he added, noting that Bishop Jonathan Keaton and visit the affected areas.

As the strong system rolled throughout Illinois Great Rivers Conference late morning and this afternoon, there is widespread damage from F3 and F4 tornado touchdowns.  Reports of damage have been received from Pekin, East Peoria, Washington, Coal City, Gifford, Brookport, Unionville, Minock, New Minden. Assessment is currently still  being conducted by emergency responders and non-emergency personnel are not allowed into the damaged areas. 
Tri County Long Term Recovery Team will meet tomorrow at 442 W. John Gwynn at the Crittenton Center to organize for response in Washington, Pekin and East Peoria areas beginning at 10 a.m.
Coal City UMC is open as a shelter and is serving people in that area.  
It may be 48 hours before early response teams are permitted to enter some of these areas for clean up assistance. Additional information will be given when it is clear when volunteers will be accepted and where volunteer teams should report in each of these effected areas.
Let us continue to be in prayer for those suffering loss and for first responders tending to the needs of those in the path of these storms.