"I Wish I Had ..."

December 02, 2013

At this time of year the Christmas catalogues arrive in the mail or with the newspaper that capture the attention of both young and old. Kids say, “I wish I had….(name of toy, book, electronic gadget, etc.) and most likely attentive parents are noting this wish list.

Below is a current wish list for the Iowa Nigeria Partnership:

Supplies for a school child or an adult taking literacy class $2
A Hausa Bible for a literacy graduate $8
A one month stipend for a UMC teacher $20
Purchase of fingerlings for the agricultural program $35 
Provide a micro loan to an EmpowHer woman $65
Offer a village woman tuition support to attend the Women’s Training Center $90 
Stock the medicine shelf at one of the church clinics $110
Purchase a treadle sewing machine $125
Give one free eye surgery at the June UMC Eye Camp $150
Assist a seminary student with tuition support to attend BTS Seminary $300
Enable the North Conference Internet/Computer School to purchase a new computer $600
Purchase a solar refrigerator for the mobile medical clinics $1,500
Repair a seminary staff house at Banyam Theological Seminary $3,000

When you find yourself at a loss for what to get someone for Christmas, consider picking a gift from the wish list and give a gift in their name. Perhaps your Sunday school class, UMM or UMW’s group would share in making wishes come true. Maybe surprise our bishop, your district superintendent or pastor with a gift in their honor. Have fun picking out something to support from this wish list. 

For more information contact Beverly Nolte at 515.266.4186.