December School Teachers for Nigeria

December 05, 2013

Thanks to all of you who donated online on Tuesday, Dec. 3 which is called “Giving Tuesday.” Over 6.5 million dollars were donated to Advance Specials by 11,000 donors from 34 countries in a 24 hour period! The financial results will be available Dec. 16.  Great job and “na gode” for your participation! 

Here are the Christmas vacation plans for our Nigerian students studying in Iowa 

Davidson Adams returns to Nigeria on 12/19 – 1/16 to be with his family and care for family business.
His second semester tuition/book fees are $4,100 so you are welcome to help him complete his computer hardware/IT schooling at WITCC in Sioux City.

Ishaya David, studying at Simpson College, will work on campus two days a week for 2 hours but will be a guest in my home during the rest of the vacation. He is enjoying snow and thinks it’s AWESOME!

Paul Johnson, a sophomore at Morningside College, will work on campus and hang out with friends. At Africa University in Zimbabwe, Yahuda Zailani works for food/housing on campus and then be a guest in the home of a Zimbabwean colleague.   He too needs funds for his tuition costs as he pursues a Master’s in Theology.

December 3 was a celebratory day as Banyam Theological Seminary (BTS) graduated theological students who will now be assigned to UMC in their conferences.  Some of these students have benefitted from scholarship money sent from Iowa and express their gratitude to Iowa donors. The BTS staff and other students will now return to their villages for the Christmas vacation.

During this holiday season, the staff home of Nuhu Haruna will be renovated with funds from Iowa. The zinc/metal roof will be removed and the ceiling torn down with both being replaced.  Instead of hiring outside workers, Titus Bewula, a BTS student and their maintenance man, will oversee the work along with a couple of students giving them some income. This is the first of 5 homes to be renovated on the campus. Funds are needed to address the pathetic and unsanitary conditions of these homes which need more than TLC.  

Beveerly Nolte
Iowa Nigeria Partnership