January 2014 School Teachers for Nigeria

January 02, 2014

By Beverly Nolte – Iowa Nigeria Partnership coordinator

*On Giving Tuesday, Dec. 3, $9,095.50 was donated on-line for Banyam Theological Seminary. That was an exceptional day in that 11,000 people from 34 countries contributed $6.5 million dollars in support of Advance Special projects in a 24-hour period. Wow! Wonderful news! God is good! This money will provide scholarships for seminary students as they complete their theological studies. 

*Davidson Adams was delayed a day in his return from Iowa to Nigeria due to weather but is now enjoying his three kids and friends in Jalingo. He will return to WITCC in Sioux City Jan. 17.

*Ishaya David has enjoyed a variety of parties, fun with friends, movies, Christmas services, decorating sugar cookies, which were all new to him, this being his first Christmas in the U.S. (with the snow and COLD!). His first semester grades were 3 A’s and 1 B - excellent for having been at Simpson College for only one semester!

*Here’s a success story to be shared.

Three years ago Rev. Dr. Arthur McClanahan, a member of our Iowa work team, was appalled at the number of students who came down with malaria at the Junior Secondary School (JSS). Why? Because they had no bed nets. JSS didn’t supply them, their parents couldn’t afford to purchase one or no one thought it necessary to have a bed net. So moved by this situation, Arthur and his wife, Diane, gave a generous gift as well as a donation from Rev. Al and Mrs. Susan Duda, to purchase 400 treated bed nets to be installed in the dorms and used by the students when they return from their Christmas break.     

*Any educator, at whatever level, is invited to join the Banyam Theological Seminary (BTS) Advisory Committee that meets about three times a year, on a Saturday in central Iowa. This group focuses on Five Year Plan developed between this school and the Iowa Nigeria Partnership which is the covenant relationship between Iowa and Nigeria since 1989. The different components of the Five Year Plan need some educational (and theological) expertise so let us know of you willingness to offer your input.

The next meeting is Sat. Jan. 18. You may contact Donna Meinhard, meinhard.donna@gmail.com or Beverly Nolte, beverly.nolte@gmail.com

*Books and a variety of books are collected at the Ingathering day in November then stored until we load them onto a sea container the first week of March. We have two storage trailers at a location in Pleasant Hill (just south of Altoona and east of Des Moines). We have just been told that we need to move these trailers by the end of March as the property on which they stand is being sold.  If anyone knows any business or property on the NE side of Des Moines or in the Altoona area which they might find a new home, please let me (Beverly) know.

*Education is important at any age, in any location, anytime! We Iowans want to send our prayers to all of the educational institutions sponsored by the UMC of Nigeria from preschools to Bible Institutes, secondary schools to Lit-Lit (Literacy) classes in local churches.  All of these programs need financial assistance - any amount will help! Monies may be sent through your local church to the Conference Treasurer designated: INP, #230, and then note your donation preference.  Let’s lift the level of Christian education in Nigeria.

*During the Christmas break in Nigeria, the staff house of Nuhu Haruna is being renovated. These homes on the Banyam Theological Seminary campus were built by during the era of the missionaries are very sturdy but the zinc/metal roof is leaking causing water problems in the interior of the house. Doors and windows need to be replaced. We are utilizing several BTS staff and students to work on this project which will give them a source of income. This is the first home of 5 houses that need renovation with each being about $3,000. Help give these homes at little TLC. Contact Beverly with questions.

*Elementary and high school teachers, college, university and seminary professors as well as people who are related to educational systems in the community and churches are welcome to receive the monthly newsletter about their counterparts in the United Methodist Church of Nigeria. The newsletter is entitled; “School Teachers for Nigeria” and is geared toward Iowa educational professionals who would be interested in and supportive of the educational program within the Nigerian church. Let Beverly Nolte know e-mail addresses of other educators or friends of Nigeria to receive the monthly “School Teachers for Nigeria” at beverly.nolte@gmail.com.