Denison, Dodgeball, and Youth Engagement

January 09, 2014

By Rev. Katie Dawson

There is excitement in Denison to help eradicate malaria in Africa. 

Last year the church goal was $4000, the largest ministry goal in the history of this congregation.  Everyone became involved.

One our our members, the principal of the middle school, used her community project of a dodge ball tournament to raise money for Imagine No Malaria as and an example of helping others to the students.  In March, teams from fourth grade through adults participated in the days activities which resulted in raising a grand total of $1000.  What an exciting day.

By the end of the year, this congregation went beyond the $4000 goal to raise a total of $6000.

In anticipating of exceeding last year’s goal, this year the goal is $5000.

We are off to a wonderful start with pledges from the congregation for our students to walk to Africa.  Each week, we take laps around the Fellowship Hall and track our progress.

Another project, created and carried out by our youth, is bracelets made of rubber bands and sold to anyone and everyone.  There has even been a matching pledge by a church member to help them double the money.  So far, 80 bracelets have been sold at $.50 per bracelets making with the match a total of $80 for Imagine No Malaria.

This is the first for this congregation.  Our youth have always participated but have never organized and promoted a project such as this.  It is truly and exciting time for ministry both here in Denison and in Africa.