Latin American & Caribbean Methodist Women Leadership Conference

January 16, 2014

General Board of Higher Education and Ministry

Lima, Peru, Wednesday, January 22 to Saturday, January 25

The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry announces on behalf of the Latin America & Caribbean Methodist Women Leadership Conference Design Team the very first Latin America Methodist women leadership conference.  The theme of the event is “Afirmación de la Dignidad de las Mujeres en América Latina y El Caribe y el Rol de las Mujeres en la Iglesia” ("Affirmation of the dignity of Latin America and Caribbean women and their role in the Church”).  This event involves more than ten countries with diverse ethnic groups such as Mestizo, Andes Quechua, Aymara and Amazon region peoples.  Latin America Methodist Church has not had this kind of conference focusing on women’s leadership and GBHEM is excited to co-sponsor this event with the Peru Methodist Church, the Council of Evangelical Methodist Churches of Latin America, Confederación Latino Americana y del Caribe de Mujeres Metodistasm, and the Hispanic/Latina United Methodist Clergywomen Association.

This event will provide opportunities to develop leadership for Methodist clergywomen and lay women in Latin America and Caribbean and empower women with strategies that will be useful to minister to diverse social status in different countries and regions of Latin America.