Bishop says include unborn in "radically inclusive church" mission

January 24, 2014

United Methodist News Service -Wayne Rhodes  
WASHINGTON —Bishop Ken Carter Jr. told the 26th annual Lifewatch Sanctity of Life Service that the mission of a radically inclusive church must include the unborn in its inclusiveness.
The bishop went on to issue a call for United Methodists to seek a coherent social teaching, a consistent ethic of hospitality and a compassionate witness to and for life.
Carter, the episcopal leader of Florida Annual (regional) Conference, spoke a the annual Lifewatch Sanctity of Life Service of Worship  in the United Methodist Building on Capitol Hill. His sermon was in the morning before afternoon rallies in the nation’s capital for and against the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 landmark abortion decision in Roe vs. Wade, which was handed down Jan. 22.
The service is sponsored by the Taskforce of United Methodists on Abortion and Sexuality, an unofficial caucus of the United Methodist Church. The taskforce’s goal is to create esteem for human life at its most vulnerable, specifically for the unborn child and for the woman who contemplates abortion.
Carter described The United Methodist Church as having “incoherent social teaching” that stems from “theological chaos.” “We are polarized,” he said, “and here we mirror the culture, as Methodists so often do.”