New Dean of "Discipler" position offered through Iowa UMC CEF

January 24, 2014

The state officers of the UMC Christian Educator’s Fellowship (CEF) have just opened up applications for our state Dean of ‘Discipler’ Training program.  If you have any interest in the position please feel free to contact one of the contact persons.  
Here is the information regarding the position:
2014-2015 Dean of Discipler Training Position Description
Coordinate on-line Discipler Training utilizing the General Board of Discipleship training across the Iowa Annual Conference in order to create Communities of Practice.
• Go through the modules of Discipler Training yourself prior to each session
• Be a member of or join Iowa Christian Educator’s Fellowship (CEF), attend retreats to promote training and network at Annual Conference events
• Recruit participants in the training from those serving in positions (paid and unpaid) in Christian Education (CE) positions
• Recruit, with participants, mentors to work with participants (mentors are serving in CE positions –paid and unpaid)
• Organize District Level Gatherings of participants and mentors
• Advertise amid the AC about the Discipler Training utilizing District and local church contacts
• Will provide quarterly reports to Board of Discipleship (BOD)  Education Advocate regarding progress and be accountable to the Iowa BOD
• Communicate with General BOD re: Discipler Training
Completion of Academy of Christian Education with at least 2 years of CE Experience
An Ordained Deacon with at least 2 years CE Experience
5 Years working in Christian Education, Full-time and paid
A stipend of $2500 for an 18 month will be paid to the Dean, with $500 payments made
every 3 months over the 18 months.
Send Letter of Application and Resume by March 1, 2014 to:
Jenny Seylar, BOD Education Advocate
10 Chad Court, Coralville, IA  52241
Interview Team:
David Hobbs, Leadership Development Minister
Suzanne Olberding, Iowa CEF President or Iowa CEF Vice President
Jenny Seylar, BOD Education Advocate
Discipler Information
There are 6 modules in the General Board of Discipleship Discipler Training (see the information at the GBOD website- ).  The participant agrees to attend one initial meeting and 6 meetings following up with each module for conversation.  The Meetings will be for one day and will meet at the conference center or at a church in the Des Moines/Ames area.  The Dean of Discipler will set the dates, coordinate the location, and facilitate the meetings, which will have speakers from the Iowa Annual Conference. The speakers can be District Field Outreach Ministers, persons working in Christian Education, lay persons, pastors and other resource people who are experts in their field.  
The resources for the Discipler modules will be the responsibility of the participant. If resources are tight, the books will be available for check out from the Iowa CED organization.
The Dean of Discipler will work with the Districts to assist participants in finding a mentor in the home district to assist the participant in the process.
Initial start date of Discipler programming is tentatively being planned for summer/fall 2014.  Costs for program will be formulated by the tentative start time in collaboration with the Iowa CEF board.