February 2014 School Teachers for Nigeria

February 03, 2014

February 2014 School Teachers for Nigeria
Progress Report on Banyam Theological Seminary Home Renovation:  On 1/16 Titus Bewula along with 2 seminary students pulled the roof off of Nuhu Haruna’s home on the seminary campus.  Materials had been purchased to replace the termite ridden rafters, the roof with new zinc, and the ceiling.  Next will be to replace doors and windows before the house is completed.  
This is the first house of 5 homes that need serious renovation. Left over building materials will be saved to use for the next repair job but funds are needed to keep the home repair projects going.  Seriously give this some consideration as these old seminary houses need lots of TLC. Dollars go a long way in Nigeria in the purchase of building supplies. See last paragraph about the way to send funds for the project.
A “Zumuntan Yan Mata Matasa” or Young Female Fellowship’s annual meeting was held with 3,000 attendees.  These young women (ages 18 – 40 y/o) gathered for a weekend filled with activities as Bible quizzes, Bible study, and song competitions and sharing about fund raising for their local youth programs. Where do these girls stay at night? They carry their mats and sleep in the church, local school or under trees.  Cooking is communal with a large pot of fufu stewing over a three stone fire.  On the way to the conference one district vehicletransporting the young women was involved in an accident injuring three with one still in the hospital.  Prayers are needed for her recovery.
WHO IS RICHARD FIDELIS BALASA? Born on May 29, 1987, Richard is the first born in his family of all boys, Sabastine, Vincent and Jessy.  His father, Fidelis George is both a UMC pastor and D.S. of the Makka District of the Central Conference. He comes from Balasa Didango near Bambur, one of the early mission sites. Following his graduation from high school in 2006, he was admitted at the Beverly Nolte Computer Center (BNCC) and earned a Diploma Certificate after his nine month study program.  Richard worked in a computer business center in Jalingo from 2007 – 2009 then studied at the Federal University of Technology in Yola where he received a Diploma in Computer in 2011.  
Davidson Adams, BNCC’s IT Instructor, was so impressed with Richard’s business acumen and computer skills that Davidson tapped him to be the Acting Director and instructor while Davidson studies at WITCC in Sioux City.  Richard is a quick learner, enjoys reading computer books, playing sports, playing the bass guitar in the church Youth Generation Band. He is a serious soccer fan of the English Premier League with Manchester United FC his favorite team. Richard has no specific girlfriend but with lots of friends with whom to hang out.
Presently there are 45 students enrolled in the Diploma (9 month study) and Certificate (6 month) programs.  Thirteen students enrolled in June and will study 6 months with a combined graduation in December.
Each year the Iowa team tries to get used, working laptops to take to the three computer school in the UMCN so this year four Apple laptops and one new HP Laptop with Windows 8 on it were given for the Computer Center.   Commenting about the Apple laptop, he says, “I have never seen an Apple in my life and now I become used to it.  I am now an American man because I know how to use one of their laptops.  Apple is a very great joy to me and I am thrilled to have one.”  
When asked how we could further help him at the BNCC, he pointed out that he needed large free standing floor fans to circulate the air in the two classrooms. With temperatures in the mid 90’s much of the year, having a fan is a big deal!  So, a generous team member gave Richard funds to purchase three such fans which now cause quite a stir!
Richard is an example of a hard working, responsible young adult who has been trained in a UMC related computer school and now assumes responsibility for his alma mater!  He is most appreciative of these computer gifts and says he has nothing to give in return but to ask God’s blessings on generous Iowans.
After the Christmas break in Nigeria, Davidson Adams is back for the second semester at WITCC in Sioux City.
Ishaya David is taking 12 hours plus lab at Simpson College while Paul Johnson continues his sophomore year at Morningside. Both have campus jobs in addition to their studies.
Yahuda Zailani at Africa University spent part of his vacation in the home of his Zimbabwe colleague traveling around parts of that country.
Dauda Uzajja, a Banyam Theological Seminary professor in Bambur, Nigeria has been accepted at Africa University in Zimbabwe.  He has absolutely no funds to pursue a Master’s Degree which would enhance his educational learning while fulfilling his dream for further theological studies and upgrade the BTS academic status. Iowa Pastors (or anyone else), would you be willing to assist this young man with his schooling? Funds may be sent through the local church to the Conference Treasurer designated INP, #230, Dauda or if supporting the home renovation at BTS, note: BTS Home renovation.